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Makeup Brushes Professional 12Pcs Marble Make Up Brushes Set

Makeup Brushes Professional 12Pcs Marble Make Up Brushes Set

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Product Description

Foundation brush

1. No dirty hands: Use a foundation brush to avoid liquid foundation getting on your hands.

2. Primer saving: It does not absorb the foundation by itself, and the make-up effect goes from thick to thin and soft.

3. Good Effect of makeup.: The make-up effect on the foundation liquid is uniform and the skin is hydrated and shiny.

Blush brush

1. Tap the rough cream on the salmon muscle.

2. Press the sponge evenly away from the oblique back of the salmon muscle and avoid bloating around the eyes.

3. Dip the blush powder into the blush brush, pull it from the salmon muscle to the hairline, and then brush it three times.

Eye shadow brush

1. It is flexible and flexible, smooth and easy to shape, the delicate bow is helpful for displaying the eye shadow.

2. Smear slightly. Create three-dimensional natural eye shadow effect.

3. Eye shadow is the main symbol for makeup and the main part for distinguishing makeup.

Lip brush

1. Lip brush can help you repair lip defects and fill lip lines to the most extent.

Make the lip colour fuller, not floating, and make your lip make-up more convincing.

3. Restore the true colour of the lipstick as much as possible.

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